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Friday, 23. September 2005
Findory updated
Findory - web-based and personalized RSS reader. Key Features: Import your Bloglines subscriptions by entering your login. Import a users public Bloglines subscriptions. Import subscriptions via other readers and services via OPML. Related and personalized articles for every feed that you're subscribed to. Personalization: "My Top Stories" page reveals articles from your favorite feeds picked based on the articles you read in the past

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This blog is moving I will no longer be updating this blog here. It's new...
by scotty (7/19/06 10:51 AM)
Beta version of Attensa for Outlook 1.5 Attensa, Inc., the leading developer of RSS software...
by scotty (7/19/06 5:50 AM) RSS feeds RSS feeds page
by scotty (7/17/06 4:38 AM)
FeedBurner acquires Blogbeat FeedBurner has acquired Blogbeat. The combined services will give FeedBurner’s 200,000 customers...
by scotty (7/17/06 4:32 AM)
myEarthLink Reader myEarthLink Reader - makes it easier to keep up with all the web...
by scotty (7/14/06 8:15 AM)
Project MUSE RSS feeds Project MUSE now has RSS feeds for all of its journals
by scotty (7/11/06 4:43 AM)
I'M Instant Media RSS reader I'M Instant Media - a technology company whose patent-pending software...
by scotty (7/8/06 8:35 AM)
FeedZilla FeedZilla - Mission is to provide webmasters and bloggers with all the tools they...
by scotty (7/8/06 8:09 AM)
Newshutch - web-based RSS reader Newshutch - a newsfeed reader. You tell us what websites...
by scotty (7/6/06 7:24 AM)
Octora RSS feed search Octora - You enter your tag and click search and it...
by scotty (7/5/06 9:50 AM)
GreatNews RSS reader 1.0 Beta (Build 370) released GreatNews RSS reader 1.0 Beta (Build 370)...
by scotty (7/4/06 7:07 AM)
La Opinión - Los Angeles, CA, RSS feeds La Opinión - Los Angeles, CA, RSS...
by scotty (7/4/06 7:02 AM)
The Publican RSS feeds The Publican - UK pub and bar industry magazine, RSS feeds...
by scotty (7/4/06 5:57 AM)
RSS Mini RSS Mini - a small RSS mini site maker. The mini site maker...
by scotty (7/3/06 4:04 AM)
ReedLink Makes Content Distribution Really Simple with RSS ReedLink, a vertical search engine, recently added...
by scotty (7/1/06 5:29 AM)
MediaScooper RSS reader MediaScooper - a new FREE service that allows you to display any...
by scotty (7/1/06 5:25 AM) RSS feeds - Current items in English and French are available across the...
by scotty (6/28/06 11:47 AM) RSS feeds RSS feeds page
by scotty (6/27/06 6:09 AM)
PENN Medicine Newsroom - University of Pennsylvania Health System, RSS feeds PENN Medicine Newsroom -...
by scotty (6/27/06 6:05 AM)
Flurrymail Flurrymail - an easy-to-use e-mail application and RSS reader that works on hundreds of...
by scotty (6/26/06 7:36 AM)
NewsGator for Yahoo! Messenger NewsGator for Yahoo! Messenger - "You can now view RSS feed...
by scotty (6/23/06 6:45 AM)
The Labour Party - UK RSS feeds The Labour Party - UK, RSS feeds page
by scotty (6/21/06 7:03 AM)
Rich RSS Readers: best of breed picks Rich RSS Readers: best of breed picks -...
by scotty (6/11/06 9:42 AM)
Tristana Writer updated Tristana Writer is an XML editor that lets you create, preview, and...
by scotty (6/10/06 7:54 AM)
RSS Captor updated RSS Captor updated to version 3.04 with 35 feeds related to World...
by scotty (6/10/06 7:50 AM)

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